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February 10




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Lynal woke up to find himself on the floor. His head felt fuzzy, his bones ached.

What had happened?

The teacher's last most recent memory was blurred, slowly coming back to him.
Wobbily, Lynal rose from the ground, clutching his head. He really didn't feel focused at all.
Maybe he slipped over something? Maybe he inhaled some of the chemicals he uses to mount his heads and stuffed animals? Or maybe...?


Part of his memory had slowly caught up with him: Rose had pinned him down, using her combat skills, facing a mirror after they had an argument about her peacock of a boyfriend being offended by the peacock head he possessed over the mirror.

Seriously, doesn't she know how long it takes to hunt such a fine specimen, and to call it gross?

The next part of the memory caught up with the first.

I tried to bite her? I tried to bite a blasted student! Maybe she deserved it but if anyone finds out I'm-

Lynal hesitated. His heart stopped. His mouth dropped.

"What in Lord's name has happened to my works of art!" Lynal growled as his sight finally focused up.

Fur, pellets and various chemicals lay on the floor, mangled. Every head, every stuffed creature was sabotaged, laying all together in what looked like a torn battle ground.

Noticing a trail of peacock feathers, Lynal made his way to a ruined peacock head covered in tooth marks. Fang marks.

That Rose must of gotten back at me for earlier, wait till I get my hands on that little brat- Sweet mother of Da Vinci's aunt!!! What, I, GAK?!

His eyes widened as he approached a wall, his mouth gaping. He stood there staring at a piece of shiny paper that was blue tacked onto the wall. He gasped in horror as he realised there were more, photographs as he now let himself realise, scattered across his whole classroom.

He had found the culprit. He wished he hadn't.

The photographs were of a grey wolf with a black goatee, dancing and twirling and chewing around the class room...


But that wasn't all. Round his hips was a tutu. A pink, lacey tutu. A pink, lacey tutu wearing wolf, who's face looked like it was enjoying it. Enjoying it!
In one of them, his tongue was right up against the camera lens. Just like a friendly puppy having a rough and tumble around a puppy play area.

Lynal started to blush, bright red.
Suddenly his heart skipped a beat....

Someone had just come through his door....
((Yeah If you must know what happened ask Becky XD))
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Grimmijaggers Feb 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Oh wow XP Epic...

Gelezinis poked her head through the door of the room Lynal was in, and noticed the mess.
"What happened here...?" she said thoughtfully.
thelonedragonwolf Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lynal jumped back in surprise. He turned around, a large, nervous grin on his face. Quickly, he stood near the door blocking Gelezinis' view of the class room. No way was he going to let anyone see the photographs.

"Nothing," he answered without his usual icy tone. In fact he seemed friendly, very out of character.
Grimmijaggers Feb 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Gelezinis' expression made it obvious she was suspicious and didn't believe him. "Sure, and pigs fly. I can tell there's more than 'nothing' wrong, professor." she drawled flatly, looking over Lynal's shoulder.
thelonedragonwolf Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lynal tried to block her view again.
"Well, I'm sure with a few bolts here and there, a pig may fly..."

Oh no...

From the corner of his eye, Lynal noticed something lacy peeking out from the bottom of his jacket. Something pink...

I'm still wearing the tutu!
Grimmijaggers Feb 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Gelezinis sniffed the air, and quickly covered her mouth with her hands, and seemed to be stifling a laugh.
thelonedragonwolf Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"What's the matter? I- I demand to know!" Lynal said, his icy glare showing this time. He couldnt stop blushing. His icy glare vanished again as he tried to hide the tutu.
How could he look intimidating when he was wearing a ballet skirt?
Grimmijaggers Feb 11, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Gelezinis coughed to regain her posture a little. "Uhum...well...When I sniff the air, I can tell what happened...."
thelonedragonwolf Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lynal's face grew pale. He swallowed hard. His right eye twitched.

"You know, everything?" he managed to say.
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